How to live from love instead of fear

body image loving versus fear mom guilt Jul 10, 2022

Many of us have made decisions for decades rooted in fear. Living in fearful thoughts keep us in lack and not feeling like we’re enough as moms, wives, and women, but that’s about to change. In this week’s episode, I am asking the question, “what does love look like to you?”. I’m talking about ways that you can define what matters, so that you can live from love instead of fear. Let’s do this.

On today's episode, you'll learn:

  • How diet, body image, and mom guilt cultures make women, especially moms doubt their decisions about everything from eating to self-care and raising kids.
  • The difference between fear-based and loved-based decisions
  • How to recognize fear-based thinking in your life
  • How to go from fear-based to love-based living

Featured on today's episode:

  • Intuitive Eating Series: The Thriving Mum Podcast Episodes 40 to 44
  • Interested in personal coaching? Learn more about Food and Body Freedom coaching program, Thrive HERE
  • Get started with simple steps to help you gain food freedom with the Food Freedom Guide


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