Allowing Negative Emotions

emotional wellbeing emotions mental health processing emotions Aug 02, 2022


Emotional wellness is an important tool for having a lasting relationship with food and your body. Emotional wellness is your ability to allow and process positive and negative emotions safely. The reason so many of us struggle with emotions, especially what we deem negative like sadness, anger, or jealousy is that we haven’t been taught that having negative emotions is normal or okay.

That’s why in this episode I’m teaching you a simple process to help you get comfortable with feeling and allowing negative emotions. This is a skillset that will help you heal your relationship with food and your body faster and prevent you from self-sabotaging your healing journey.

On Today's Episode, You'll Learn:

  • One popular misconception about negative emotions
  • Why negative emotions are important in your food and body image healing journey
  • 5 ways you can learn to allow negative emotions

Featured in today's episode:

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