#101: What to Do When You Struggle with People Pleasing

people pleasing Oct 08, 2022

If the thought of displeasing others makes you want to run for the hills, then this episode will help you think differently about yourself and your need to people-please. You are not wrong for wanting to serve other people – this is your superpower. But when this gets in the way of your own health and well-being, then it’s a problem. And that’s why in this episode, you will learn what to do when you struggle with people pleasing, so that it doesn't hold you back from creating the life that you want, especially around the holidays.



In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why the struggle is real when you're a people pleaser
  • How the holiday puts more pressure on people who already struggle with people pleasing
  • Two simple things you can do today to help you

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