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Life + Wellness Coach

helping mums let go of dieting, heal their relationship with food and their bodies, and raise healthy competent eaters.

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Mama, are you surviving or thriving in your life?


If you’re constantly worried about how to live healthy without feeling out of control around foods, or hating your body, then welcome. Your hustle for worth stops here.

Your worth as a mum is not determined by the size of your body or how healthy you or your child eats. You certainly don’t have to put your dreams on hold or silence your voice just to make other people like you. Feeling at peace with food and your body is possible for you.

You can learn to enjoy eating like a normal human, raise healthy kids, and show up in your world, all while feeling confident in your body now.


Maybe your story sounds a lot like mine.

Years ago, I hid behind all my accomplishments.

My health was ALWAYS taking the back seat while I was busy building a career and taking care of everyone and everything else.

I thought that working hard, saying yes to everyone, and being a good mum and wife would make me feel fulfilled. Yet, my struggle with food and my body kept me in a cycle of insecurity, worry, and not feeling good enough. I based my worth on how "healthy" my family ate, how quickly my body snapped back, and hoped that somehow, I would find the key to peace and confidence.

Yet, I couldn’t help feeling empty and unfulfilled – like something was missing.  

All that changed when I was diagnosed with IBS and needed a colonoscopy to confirm it. I asked for a week to think about it and never went back. 

If you’re feeling like you have everything in your life figured out except the part about food, your body, or raising a healthy eater, you’re not alone.

I help mums like you stop fighting food and their bodies, and raise healthy, competent eaters.

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Every week, I inspire mums to elevate their food and body images, and thrive, just the way they were created to be. No more shame, overwhelm, or food and body obsession.

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What others are saying...


I'm much more at peace with my body.

Thank you for providing the tools and support I needed to help me trust my body, honor my needs, and exercise without the pressure of weight loss. I'm enjoying foods I used to be afraid of, and no longer struggling with emotional eating.  I’m much more at peace with my body!

– Precious A.

I have tools for real change now.

I knew a lot about food and body freedom before working with Unyime. I thought I knew what I wanted but she helped me realize how I was avoiding the real problem. Unyime created a safe space and gave me tools to manage my mind, let go of food rules, and embrace my body. I feel better and I’m so glad I reached out to her.

– Sarah G.

I'm free from a 20-year struggle with accepting my body

Before working with Unyime, I had a 20-year struggle with food and accepting my adult body. I tried all forms of diets to help me stay “in shape”. Unyime created a safe space for me and taught me how manage my mind, listen to my body, and no longer live by food rules and restrictions. 

– Akon O.