Private Coaching with Unyime

Your next steps to creating a life where your career success doesn't have to cost you your family, health, or peace.


You are a successful, professional woman.


You've checked all the boxes, yet something feels a little off.


Stress, overwhelm, and burnout have become your norm.


But that ends now.


There's a different way.

And I'm here to show how and walk with you.



Ms. Thompson

"I now allow myself to feel my emotions and assess them from a place of love and kindness. I am able to make decisions and now wear confidence by trusting in my ability, skills, talents, mistakes - all of me. I have a total mind, body, and spirit alignment."



"You've completely revamped my money mindset. I'm able to trust my choices, spend for pleasure without feeling guilty, and invest my money to work for me. I'm making 2.5x what I used to make, working less, and actually enjoying my life."

What you can expect during our time together: 

~ You will notice and be in control of your feelings.

~ You will become a more patient and present mom.

~ You will feel confident speaking up for and receiving what you want.

~ You will prioritize your health and be an example to your child(ren).

~ You will deepen your relationship with your partner and feel supported with household responsibilities.

~ You will create routines and systems for managing work, home, and life responsibilities.

~ You will feel in control of food and your body.  

~ You will reclaim your time and energy for fun and activities outside work and family.

~ You will feel accomplished when it comes to your goals and dreams.

~ You will pivot from your job or other commitments confidently.

~ You will earn more money while having your evenings and weekends free.

~ You will recover from burnout without taking drastic measures like quitting or escaping to an island.

~ You will wake up feeling grateful and excited about the life that you've created - one that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

~ Best of all, moments at work will no longer make bad days at home and you will feel like yourself again.

We will evaluate what's already working in your life and simplify what feels complicated so that you can feel like yourself again.

More client love

"I feel confident advocating for my needs and have strong boundaries now. I'm actually taking my lunch breaks at work, and I no longer check work emails on the weekends. I thought I knew what I wanted when I reached out, but I didn't. My life is so different now." 


"I felt stuck and tired career-wise, and emotionally, and lacked confidence. I initially said no to working with Unyime but later reached out for help. Because of Unyime’s coaching, I got clear on my career goals, stopped settling, and landed my dream job. Now I feel more confident in myself, know my worth, and will never settle for less. I am always full of joy, and much better at handling my emotions and relating with my family. The coaching experience was a judgment-free zone. Unyime was patient, always ready to listen, and asked questions that helped me find solutions that were already within me. Now, I’m on my way to smashing more life goals. Thank you!"


"I have the tools I need for REAL change now. I thought I knew what I wanted but working with Unyime helped me realize how I had learned to get temporary solutions, rather than real, sustainable change. Unyime created a safe space and gave me the tools to manage my mind and address challenges. I’m so glad I reached out to her."