I work with women in one of two ways

Women who want to heal their relationship with food and their bodies. And women are ready to create the next level of themselves.

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A 6-month transformative coaching program to help busy mums ditch dieting, gain food and body image freedom, and thrive in motherhood.

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Ready to break the cycle of dieting once and for all?

To stop feeling like you’re no longer at war with food and your body. To eat foods you love, move in ways that feel good to you, and create safety in your home for your child to explore their own relationship with food and their body.
Deep down, you know you want to be free. But you’re afraid of gaining weight, letting yourself go, or making it seem like you don’t care about your health.
It's time to change that. I can help you.

Hi. I'm Unyime.

If you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted when it comes to food and your body
  • Thinking that life would be much easier if it wasn’t for your body, or the time you spend feeling ashamed and embarrassed of yourself
  • Looking to cultivate a better relationship with food and your body, and raise a confident, healthy child
  • Ready to stop yo-yo dieting and become a healthy, thriving mum you know you want to be

then, you're in the right place.

Your struggle with food and your body is not really about food and your body. It is about fear.

You’re afraid of who you’re becoming after having kids.

You’re afraid of what others will think of you if you’re not trying to control your food and body.

You’re afraid of what your child’s eating and body size means about you.

You’re afraid of never breaking free of diet culture and ruining your child as a result.

This is why you obsessively think about food and exercise. You can’t help thinking that your life will be perfect when you and your child finally eat right and have the right body size.

Your fear is why you keep counting calories and macros, going to the gym, tracking what you eat, and forcing your child to eat only foods you consider healthy.

I call this hustling for your worth as a mum.

In Thrive, you learn how to stop hustling for your worth.

You go from hustling and surviving, to thriving and deciding how you want to eat and move your body intentionally. 

You learn the skills to help you:
  • Understand and manage the overwhelm and exhaustion around food and your body
  • Enjoy mealtimes with your child, even if they are a “picky eater”
  • Experience a life of ease and calm in your body now
  • Speak up for what you want in your relationships without yelling or fighting
  • Break the cycle of diet culture for your generation, and become a healthy, thriving mum
This is a simple process you can start using now to create immediate results. If you're ready, then schedule a free consult call to get started.

Thrive: Food and Body Freedom Program

In this 6-month coaching container, we'll work together using 3 pillars to help you elevate your standard and thrive in motherhood:


Empower: Get to the root cause of why you struggle with food and your body, and clean up all the mind drama keeping you stuck in confusion and anxiety. You will learn to manage your thoughts and emotions and think on purpose, so that you can create the relationship you want with food and your body.
Embody: Develop self-trust and confidence by assessing your relationship with food and your body. Learn how to manage emotional eating, so that you no longer worry about being alone in your kitchen at night. Honor and create safety for the body that you're in. You'll go from shame to cultivating compassion for yourself, and writing your food and body story from a place of confidence and empowerment.
Express: Motherhood does not exist in a bubble, and that's why this pillar is focused on helping you create the motherhood of your dreams. You get to decide what matters when it comes to your health, create boundaries, and redefine your style, so that  you show up confidently in your life. Learn how to create a peaceful meal environment for your child, so that they grow up to a healthy, confident eater.

What's Included?

  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, including email support between sessions.
  • A printed copy of the Thrive: Food and Body Freedom Workbook, delivered to your mailbox.
  • My money-back guarantee: Experience less food and body anxiety, more ease around feeding your child, and finally feel like yourself again at the end of our 6 months together, or you get your money back in full.
Your investment: $3000 (payment plan available)
You in? Schedule your complimentary consult call below and let's create the life of your dreams.

What others are saying...

I'm so happy to be able to trust my daughter with food. I feel confident advocating for my needs, I'm actually taking my lunch breaks at work, and I no longer check work emails on the weekends. I thought I knew what I wanted when I reached out, but I didn't. My life is so different now. 


I have the tools I needed for REAL change now. I was very knowledgeable about food and body freedom before working with Unyime. I thought I knew what I wanted but working with Unyime helped me realize how I had learned to modify my struggles with food and body to get temporary solutions, rather than work through them for real change to happen. Unyime created a safe space and gave me the tools to manage my mind, no longer live by food rules, or avoid my challenges. I can truly say that there’s a difference in how I feel, and engage with food and my body. I’m so glad I reached out to her. 

 Sarah G.

I’m free from a 20-year struggle with food and accepting my body!

Before working with Unyime, I had a 20-year struggle with food and accepting my adult body. I tried all forms of diets to help me stay “in shape”. Unyime created a safe space for me to share my lived experience, met me where I was, and supported me without judgment. I have learned to manage my mind, listen to my body, and no longer live by food rules and restrictions. Working with Unyime will change your life!

Akon. O

I can look back and see how much change we have all gone through as a family. It has been the best investment for myself and my family. The lessons I have learned have not only changed our mealtimes but also my relationship with my children. My children are happier now and I can see their independence and confidence growing.Thank you for creating the program, it has changed my family for the better. I am very satisfied with my experience. I wish more mothers could take advantage and see how their families will be transformed.

One happy mama of 3