For the woman who wants to have it all

Embrace an opportunity to create space in your life for more fulfillment and joy, while pursuing your dreams.

As an ambitious woman, you've probably questioned your drive and wondered whether being a mom is all about sacrifice. It's not.

The cycle of stress, overwhelm, and burnout ends here.

In this space, you can be a mom AND have a successful career and life outside of motherhood. 

Through personalized guidance, you get to elevate your experience of life and reclaim your voice and power, while seamlessly integrating career success, nurturing motherhood, and leading a fulfilled personal life.

Get ready for a transformative experience underpinned by principles of simplicity, fun, and self-mastery, that will leave you with a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks outside.



"Moving and living in a fast- paced, hostile corporate world altered my mindset and behavior. Through my work with Unyime, I learned that I can set boundaries, get clear about my values and choose how I want to show up and the reality I want to create. I now live in a conscious state and embrace a life of ease instead of hustle".

I.T. Entrepreneur, former corporate HR professional


"My day-to-day life is entirely different since working with Unyime. I feel like I'm thriving instead of surviving. She guided me to pivot my business, raise my rates, and rekindle my passion for hobbies I stopped 20 years ago. I have stepped up as a leader at my job and in life. I've also created a relationship with my dream partner and no longer feel like I'm passively experiencing life. I am a co-creator of my life".

Ashely P. VA& hotel Manager

My coaching clients have...

~ Seamlessly become more present with their partners and children - hello no more working evenings and weekends!

~ Confidently pivoted their careers and navigated the 9-5 to entrepreneurship journey successfully

~ Recovered from burnout, and maintained wellness and self-care practices that help them thrive in life

~ Confidently stepped up as influential leaders and guided their teams to record-breaking results

~ Broken generational patterns of dieting 

~ Created space to allow them go on date nights with partners; take solo and girl trips with friends; take up surfing, music, art and dance lessons; come back from the brink of divorce; and so much more.

More client love

"I feel confident advocating for my needs and have strong boundaries now. I'm actually taking my lunch breaks at work, and I no longer check work emails on the weekends. I thought I knew what I wanted when I reached out, but I didn't. My life is so different now." 

 Jill, Organizational Leader

"I felt stuck and tired career-wise, and emotionally, and lacked confidence. I initially said no to working with Unyime but later reached out for help. Because of Unyime’s coaching, I got clear on my career goals, stopped settling, and landed my dream job. Now I feel more confident in myself, know my worth, and will never settle for less. I am always full of joy, and much better at handling my emotions and relating with my family. The coaching experience was a judgment-free zone. Unyime was patient, always ready to listen, and asked questions that helped me find solutions that were already within me. Now, I’m on my way to smashing more life goals. Thank you!"

Victoria, HR Professional

"One can say that 6 months isn’t enough to notice changes but I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be had I not decided to work with Unyime! Thank you for reminding me that I have the permission to be me unapologetically. Thank you for reminding me that I can be a mom and be happy. Thank you for teaching me boundaries. Thank you for teaching me that no one cares, unless I care." 

L. Corporate Leader