Creating Life on Your Terms Starts with a Decision.

You know what you don't want.

Now, let's figure out and create what you want.


You know you want to do so much more in your life, but worry that it might cost your relationship with your children or significant other.

You would like like to make some changes in your life and career, but think you should wait until your children are a lot older.

You want to stop feeling so stressed out by your relationship with food and your body. 

You want to dress nicely but your post-baby body still gets in the way of you showing up like the woman you want to be.

You're ready to live an audacious life but worry about being seen as too ambitious and ungrateful.


I’m here to help you stop spinning in confusion and self-doubt, increase your confidence, and create the life you want - deeply meaningful and aligned with who you are.

In this coaching relationship, you get to believe that anything is possible for you.

We take your expertise in YOU and my experience in public health, research, and corporate leadership to help you transform your sel-image, feel like yourself again, and create the life that you want without hustle and burnout

Overthinking brains, inner critics, people-pleasing, and perfectionistic tendencies are welcome here. Together, we'll find out exactly what you want and solve everything that stands in your way of having it. That means that you’ll learn what has stopped you from getting results in the past, say goodbye to confusion and indecision, and finally, accomplish the thing you’ve been thinking about doing for years. You’ll do it all while managing stress and showing up audaciously in your life.


Here's what some of my past clients had to say about working with me

I'm so happy to be able to trust my daughter with food. I feel confident advocating for my needs and have strong boundaries now. I'm actually taking my lunch breaks at work, and I no longer check work emails on the weekends. I thought I knew what I wanted when I reached out, but I didn't. My life is so different now. 


I felt stuck and tired career-wise, and emotionally, and lacked confidence. During our first consult, I said no to working with Unyime. A few weeks later, I reached out for help. Our first meeting helped me learn that being emotional was not a problem and I could use them as my superpower. I felt much better and pitched myself to my dream company (something I wouldn’t have done in the past). Because of Unyime’s coaching, I got clear on my career goals, stopped settling, and landed my dream job.

Now I feel more confident in myself, know my worth, and will never settle for less. I am always full of joy, and much better at handling my emotions and relating with my family. My relationship with others has improved and I’m thankful that I reached out for the consult call. The coaching experience was a judgment-free zone. Unyime was patient, always ready to listen, and asked questions that helped me find solutions that were already within me. Now, I’m on my way to smashing more life goals. Thank you!


I have the tools I needed for REAL change now. I was very knowledgeable about food and body freedom before working with Unyime. I thought I knew what I wanted but working with Unyime helped me realize how I had learned to modify my struggles with food and body to get temporary solutions, rather than work through them for real change to happen. Unyime created a safe space and gave me the tools to manage my mind, no longer live by food rules, or avoid my challenges. I can truly say that there’s a difference in how I feel and engage with food and my body. I’m so glad I reached out to her. 


I’m free from a 20-year struggle with food and accepting my body!

Before working with Unyime, I had a 20-year struggle with food and accepting my adult body. I tried all forms of diets to help me stay “in shape”. Unyime created a safe space for me to share my lived experience, met me where I was, and supported me without judgment. I have learned to manage my mind, listen to my body, and no longer live by food rules and restrictions. Working with Unyime will change your life!


I can look back and see how much change we have all gone through as a family. It has been the best investment for myself and my family. The lessons I have learned have not only changed our mealtimes but also my relationship with my children. My children are happier now and I can see their independence and confidence growing. Thank you for creating the program, it has changed my family for the better. I am very satisfied with my experience. I wish more mothers could take advantage and see how their families will be transformed.


I went to Unyime because I was worried about passing my unhealthy views about food and body to my child. Like most women, I thought food was the way to control how my body looks to others. But working with Unyime helped me understand that my body is for me and what I could do with it, and not for the visual consumption of others.

Before working with Unyime, I was worried that it would be another waste of money. I quickly realized that this wasn't a short-term approach to getting skinny. It was working to uncover the layers of myself, understand my behaviours, and how they were keeping me from enjoying life, family, and food!

Now, I’m able to support my child and no longer worry about other people's opinions.

Unyime was so easy to talk to, and great at finding the REAL reason for how I was feeling. She really knows her stuff and was also understanding and patient with me on my journey. She gets it!

The work sometimes isn't easy but it’s worth it! You can't get to the heart of the issue if you keep scratching the surface. It is learning to give yourself permission to give your body what it is asking for, without the guilt or baggage you have picked up along the way. You will learn to build yourself up in a way that is respectful to who you are as a person, and love your body for all the incredible things it allows you to do!

It truly isn't like any other program you've done before.


Let's Do This

Why Me as Your Coach?

I have LIVED this transformation. And I've also walked dozens of women through it.

By working with me, women have changed careers, ended toxic relationships, made more money, stopped buffering with emotional eating, healed their relationship with food and their bodies, prioritized their health and well-being, improved their relationships, and stopped fighting with their children at mealtimes. 

I use a trauma-informed and anti-racism approach to coaching. You will understand yourself better and never have to feel ashamed of your story and where you want to go.

Your investment: $3600 for 4 months

Curious about working together?

Here are some answers to your questions.