Why Me as Your Coach?

I have lived this transformation.

And I've also walked dozens of women through it.

Hi. I'm Unyime.

The Life Strategist and Mentor for professional women who desire to make an impact in their careers while balancing that with family and life goals.

I’ve been a career woman, wife, and mama for over a decade. The one thing that I’ve learned as an ambitious, driven woman is this - career success doesn’t have to come at the expense of your family, well-being, and peace.

I went from being burned out twice to thriving in motherhood, career, and life confidently.

How? By learning to lead my life and allowing my identity as "mom" to be just one piece instead of my whole identity.

"Burnout is not the price you pay for desiring a successful career and life. Work-life balance is not the solution either." 

Unyime Oguta

If you've tried to work-life balance your way through your stress and overwhelm, I see you.

I also know that you don't want more templates and classes to help you.

You desire a lifestyle plan and strategy that works with your unique life experience.

I have had the privilege of serving career-driven, professional women through private coaching and mentorship, speaking engagements, and my podcast. In my 9 to 5, I lead a strong and diverse team in Strategic Planning and Evaluation. I know what it takes to wear multiple hats and still prioritize myself without feeling selfish and guilty.

And my purpose is simple - to help you lead your life with clarity, courage, and confidence, so that you can enjoy a fulfilling career while prioritizing your family, well-being, and peace.

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By working with me, women have embraced their authentic selves; separated their worth from their roles; changed careers; ended toxic relationships; made more money; healed and improved their relationship with others, money, food, and their bodies; prioritized their health and well-being; and stopped fighting with their children at mealtimes.  

I use a trauma-responsive and anti-racism approach to coaching. You will understand yourself better and feel better.

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