Hi. I'm Unyime.

If you're anything like me, you've lived your life based on what was expected.

Once upon a time, I had the dream life - education, career, marriage, and a house.

But beneath it all, I was constantly racing, overwhelmed, and never having the time and energy to do the things that made me feel alive. 

My wake-up call came from being misdiagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome - only, it was burnout. And I wish I could say that I learned my lesson but it took another burnout experience to finally find a different way to succeed in my career, without sacrificing my health or family.

Burnout was the catalyst that led me to now guide women to achieve success without sacrificing their peace, well-being, or presence with loved ones.

"Burnout is not the price you pay for desiring a successful career and life. Work-life balance is not the solution either." 

Unyime Oguta


In a world that rewards self-sacrifice and upholds standards of injustice, thriving as a woman is a radical act.

Unyime helps you thrive while having it all in life.

As a working mom of three, Unyime is a firm believer that having it all is simply a by-product of the woman you become through daily empowered decisions. By blending her background in project management, health, and leadership, with mindset and somatic coaching, she guides clients to reclaim their voice and power, while thriving and leading fulfilled lives.

Life coaching with Unyime is deeply transformative, with results that create a ripple effect of thriving, fulfillment, and legacy. Her personal journey from burnout to thriving, coupled with her professional background, has equipped Unyime with the unique ability to guide women through their own transformations that break generational cycles of seeking worthiness through achievement, and foster a legacy of empowerment, satisfaction, and impactful living.

As a trauma-responsive and anti-racist coach, Unyime offers collaborative, bespoke experiences to every client, underpinned by principles of simplicity, fun, and self-mastery, that will leave them leading a life that feels rewarding on the inside as it looks successful on the outside.



By working with me, women have embraced their authentic selves; separated their worth from their roles; changed careers; ended toxic relationships; made more money; healed and improved their relationship with others, money, food, and their bodies; prioritized their health and well-being; and feel like they can breathe again!  

I use a trauma-responsive and anti-racism approach to coaching. You will understand yourself better and feel better.