Why Me as Your Coach?

I have lived this transformation.

And I've also walked dozens of women through it.


In 2015, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Only, it wasn’t IBS but my body fighting back from stress after a year of warning me to slow down.

I had the dream job and life on paper, but I felt empty and unfulfilled. I decided to shift my identity from being a people pleaser, and started changing my life by creating boundaries that protected me.

Those walls fell when I ended up in the hospital in 2018 from stress-induced heart palpitations. The doctor told me to reduce my stress, and all I could think of was, “how?” 

I was not doing anything, yet I was stressed out. I wasn’t showing up in my marriage and motherhood, or being a confident wife and mother. All the time management tools and #busymomlife hacks could not help me because I was foundationally still hustling for my worth as a mum. 

I DYIed helping myself until I couldn't anymore

Then I hired a coach who helped me see that change is an inside job. And that my people-pleasing and perfectionistic brain was very good at keeping me on the hustle-for-my-worth train.

As I became aware of my own thoughts and how I was standing in my own way, I learned how to forgive myself for past mistakes.

I changed my self-image, and started thinking differently, and feeling better.

I stopped trying to find work-life balance, and lived by rhythms instead.

I learned how to take responsibility for my own results.

I figured out how to work with my people-pleasing and perfectionistic brain, instead of against it.

I stopped seeking all the solutions and focused on what mattered to me. My life became more peaceful and calmer.

Our lives are still full and exciting and I’m thriving unapologetically. I’m creating my life with intention. I’ve helped women just like you create their lives with intention.

My work is trauma-informed and tailored to meet your specific needs. And I’m ready to help you. 

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