Navigating Fear on Your Food and Body Image Journey

body image fear food freedom self-love Sep 14, 2022

It is normal to experience fear when you embrace a non-diet approach to health. Fear is a normal part of the process because it is your brain’s way of keeping you safe. As you practice living into a life of food and body freedom, you must recognize the areas where fear is driving your behaviours and keeping you stuck. By recognizing the impact of fear on your food and body image journey, you can learn to manage fear and decide how you want to live from a place of empowerment.



In this episode, I’m sharing 4 simple steps for navigating fear on your non-diet food and body image journey. The steps will help you develop a deeper relationship with your body, so that you too can start focusing on love-based actions that will help you on your food and body freedom journey rather than letting fear hold you back. Let’s dive in!

In this Episode, You'll Learn:

  • Why fear can be helpful for your food and body image journey
  • How diet culture promotes fear
  • The mindset shift that will help you manage fear better
  • 3 simple steps to help you navigate fear on your food and body image journey

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