#105: Getting My Power Back, Boundaries and Food Freedom with Jill R.

boundaries food environment people pleasing raising healthy kids Oct 30, 2022

I’m really excited to bring you a special series on the podcast called “The Gift of Coaching” over the next several weeks. In this series, I’ll be featuring clients who have experienced tremendous growth and impact because they decided to prioritize themselves and lean into who they are as mums in this world.

Boundaries can often feel challenging when you have people-pleasing tendencies. And in this first installment of the gift of coaching series, Unyime chats with her former client, Jill about her experience of becoming confident with boundaries and healing her relationship with food. Jill shares what she learned while working with Unyime, and how it has helped her gain her freedom and get her power back as a wife and mom, create boundaries, and create a safe food environment for her children.



Nuggets from the episode:

When someone makes a request, I take a moment to pause and ask myself - "do I want to do it?" and if so, "when can I make it work?"

"I no longer stand in front of the pantry with all the mental gymnastics."


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