How to Help Your Child Live Healthy without Dieting

feeding kids food freedom intuitive eating for kids Sep 29, 2022

No one wakes up thinking, “how can I damage my child’s health today?” Yet so many parents are pressured into wanting to restrict foods or put their children on diets. Why? To protect them from the hurt and stigma that so many people face just by living in a world that is unaccepting of people who live and eat in ways that don’t conform to diet culture’s ideal. This is why in this episode, I’m sharing simple ways to help children build healthy habits for life without dieting.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why wanting to restrict foods or putting your child on a diet is normal
  • How your child’s experience with food impacts more than their relationship with food
  • 5 ways you can help your child build healthy habits without dieting

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