The Mealtime Anxiety Cycle and Feeding Kids

feeding kids mealtime anxiety motherhood Aug 25, 2022

Feeding kids can be challenging for moms. The reason why many moms feel challenged by feeding their kids is that they're yet to understand how their thoughts and feelings play a role when it comes to mealtimes.

In this week’s episode, Unyime explains the mealtime anxiety cycle to help you understand how your mindset around feeding kids and mealtimes impacts your child’s eating experience. You will learn 4 feeding archetypes and 5 simple questions that will help you understand how the mealtime anxiety cycle shows up in your home, so that you can create suitable solutions for you and your child to experience more peaceful mealtimes.

On Today's Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How to recognize the mealtime anxiety cycle
  • Why your role as the caregiver matters when it comes to mealtime anxiety
  • Four feeding archetypes 
  • How to work through the mealtime anxiety cycle and have more peaceful mealtimes with your child

Featured in today's episode:

  • Learn more about how I can help you feel more confident about motherhood and feeding your child HERE

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